Apocalypse, Sometime

Well friends, the end has come. Twitter, cursed hellsite, purveyor of doom and sorrow, appears to at its end. I have to choose my words carefully here, because it seems like nothing ever really dies on the internet. But as my account continues to shed followers apparently leaving the platform (and city governments appear toContinue reading “Apocalypse, Sometime”

What Will We Do When It’s Us?

Mass Shootings Are Pervasive And Unpredictable Happenings In America Today. How Will We Respond When It’s Us? I couldn’t find the tweet I was thinking of that first inspired me to write this column, but it was one that has kept my mind occupied since that push alert popped up on my phone, letting meContinue reading “What Will We Do When It’s Us?”

How A Net Neutrality Rollback Affects Local News

Cataclysmic Changes To The Industry Have Made A Free Press Vulnerable To The Whims Of Federal Regulators While scrolling through your Facebook feed last week, you may have noticed a few of your friends shared articles on a potential rollback of rules protecting net neutrality. Net neutrality is the basic principle that prohibits the nation’sContinue reading “How A Net Neutrality Rollback Affects Local News”

What Local News Doesn’t Cover

Local media is dead silent on one key issue: Its own health. If you’re an avid watcher of local television news, you may have noticed some intriguingly worded national stories interspersed among the gratuitous crime scene footage and from-the-scene events coverage that typically occupy the airwaves for a half hour at 5 and 11. LastContinue reading “What Local News Doesn’t Cover”

Do We Deserve A Working Democracy?

Nobody likes the federal government. Okay, statistically some people do and – wherever you are – I envy your optimism and the blissfully ignorant land of jubilant wonder in which you reside. Yet, nationwide, just 20 percent of all Americans have trust in their government and rapidly, we are seeing a denial not just ofContinue reading “Do We Deserve A Working Democracy?”

The Ithaca Times Goes To Saratoga

Over the weekend, me, my production director Marshall and my publisher, Jim, took a lengthy drive to the prestigious Gideon-Putnam Hotel in Saratoga Springs to participate in something of a regular undertaking for those of us still in the news business here in New York: the New York Press Association’s annual conference and tradeshow, whereContinue reading “The Ithaca Times Goes To Saratoga”

The Turbine Was Not Stupid

Not this past week but the week before, The Ithaca Times, as well as every other news outlet in town, published the type of innocuous report straight from the clutter folder. Typically, as you can assume from any story that comes from this folder jammed with press releases which, this piece would serve only asContinue reading “The Turbine Was Not Stupid”

Ithaca Media Notes: 20,000 views, zero donations

As the media feeding frenzy over this death at Cayuga Medical Center winds down (and thankfully, because I could feel the physical fraying of my nerves taking place as this week progressed), I’d like to bring the conversation back to where it all began: with a blog post and a scoop that lit the fuseContinue reading “Ithaca Media Notes: 20,000 views, zero donations”

Ithaca Media Notes: A Death In The Waiting Room

Several weeks ago I received a call from Anne Marshall (of recent note as the arrowhead of the effort to unionize Cayuga Medical Center’s nursing staff) with a huge tip: someone in the waiting room had died, understaffing was to blame and a nurse was fired over it. Knowing a legacy there and taking intoContinue reading “Ithaca Media Notes: A Death In The Waiting Room”